Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fighting Assignment

This was a piece that I did a while back for one of my illustration classes with Damian Goidich. The assignment was to do two figures fighting. This was the first time i decided to draw on mylar paper. witch I loved! Especially working in charcoal on it. You could erase right back to white with it after getting super dark. Initially I just layed down the figures and wanted it to have more of a comic book feel with more energy. It was a huge risk pitting the streaks diagonally across the drawing but my teacher loved how it turned out. He would encourage us to get super messy and put a ton of energy into our drawings.  My reference was a picture I took of me fighting my brother.

Check out Damian's work :
He really thought us how to loosen up while drawing and to be expressive. I really enjoyed his class.

Oh and he also would draw pictures of Mickey Mouse for us!

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