Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nik Ranieri

I got to meet Nik the other night at the Disney Animation Legends Dinner. Steve, the other intern I am out here with sat at his table during the dinner and I was able to talk to him after.

Nik started working for Disney in 1987 in London working at the Richard Williams studio on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" He is regarded as one of the modern day masters of animation and it was really a pleasure to get to meet him.

Nik was kind enough to draw me a picture of Hades from Hercules

When we where talking to him he was saying one of his favorite characters to animate was Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove" In 1997 he won the Annie Award in the category 'Individual Achievement in Character Animation' for his animation of Hades in Hercules. Nik also was the supervising animator on Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast), Meeko (Pocahontas), Charlotte (Princess and the Frog), and Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under).


  1. I just read a children's book he wrote AND illustrated. Its amazing!!! I LOVED it. Its called The Great Elephant.

  2. Oh wow I will have to check that out! :) I love his work and he was a really awesome guy. We where standing around after the dinner and my friend asked him "So do you have any advice for young animators just starting out" Nik just looked at him plain faced and goes "Nope I got nothin" haha