Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Journal #13

June 29th 2011

Today I worked on re-pegging and labeling poses. I was stationed at on one of the desks by the timers and exposure sheet checkers. These guys play a huge role in the process of animation they must make sure every little thing is right and is going to work before the animators start drawing. Karla told me stories of working in animation ever since she was a teenager. Her mother used to ink and paint the cels. So she has been in animation for a really long time and has some amazing stories.

For lunch we met up with James Suhr and talked about his new job at Disney TV and our work on Thundercats. He said it is going really great. I am happy he was able to come by and meet everyone at the studio.

This past weekend we where able to go with our producer, Michael to see some art work he has collected form the movies he has worked on that he has in storage. He had some really cool Rover Dangerfield Cels. And I absolutely looove seeing that stuff. Now we do all of our inking and painting in the computer so its getting more rare to see actual cels.

Tonight after work Alareece took us for a drive by Dreamworks Animation.

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